What is a Starter Body Piercing Kit?

A starter body piercing kit is a type of body piercing kit that contains the essential tools, needles and body jewelry an apprentice body piercer needs to ‘start’ a career as a body piercer.  The problem is that many sellers of body piercing supplies have misapplied the term to kits that are not complete, or do not truly offer what a professional body piercer needs to properly pierce.

A true starter body piercing kit should include an ample supply of needles (in standard gauges such as 14g, 16g and 18g) as well as various types of body jewelry that you will need for most piercings.  A good starter body piercing kit should also contain tools and offer the option of body jewelry that is factory-new (for those of you that have autoclaves) or sterilized and pouched (for piercers that would rather not bother with purchasing an autoclave).  Really pay attention to what you are getting, as some sellers load up their kits with items you can easily purchase yourself (like gloves, prep materials, sharps containers, etc.) instead of giving you enough needles or body jewelry, all the while charging a high price.  Try to find a starter body piercing kit that gives you the most needles, body jewelry and appropriate tools for the amount of piercings you intend to do.  Also, some starter kits will offer helpful informational booklets on getting certified and instructional how-to videos that are streamed over the web.  Take your time and really compare what you are getting for your money and you’ll find the starter body piercing kit that’s right for you.

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