How To Become a Certified Professional Body Piercer

Professional Starter Body Piercing Kit

One of the few industries that is expanding these days is the Body Art industry.  If you look around, it seems that everyone has body piercings of some sort; ears, noses, lips, eyebrows, navels, etc. etc.  The exploding popularity and acceptance of body piercing has created a huge demand for certified body piercers in all parts of the nation.  Body Piercers routinely make upwards of $100.00 an hour for their services, and are in such demand that they can find immediate work almost anywhere.

The fastest way to become a certified body piercer is with a professional starter body piercing kit.  The kit shown includes all the sterile body piercing needles, body jewelry and tools needed to perform 250 body piercings, which at $40.00 per body piercing, is enough to make over $10,000.00!  This kit also includes a booklet on how to set up your new business and the legal requirements you must fulfill to become certified as a body piercer in your area.  Look for starter kits that include video instructional videos, a proper carrying case, and aftercare guidelines to assist in your preparation.  You will have to decide early on if you will be purchasing an autoclave to sterilize your tools and body jewelry, otherwise, you will need to use individually pouched and sterilized body jewelry, disposable tools and forceps.  Once you have your starter kit you will be ready to begin your apprenticeship with a seasoned body piercer in your area, who will supervise you as you learn the techniques necessary for each type of body piercing.

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