Has Body Piercing gone mainstream?

It seems like only a few years ago, people with visible body piercings were hard to find.  The ones that had them (and flaunted them openly) were usually either very young, or considered very strange.  It took decades before having tattoos became not only acceptable by civil society, but in some cases fashionable.  Recent media ventures (like L.A. Ink and other tattoo-based reality television shows) have provided further testament to the mass acceptance of  body art in our society.

Today, seeing someone with a septum piercing, pierced eyebrow, or other facial body piercing is not only commonplace, but  expected for most younger adults.  The truth is, if you pull aside a random group of younger adults (between 18 to 25 years of age) you will find the majority of them will have some type of body piercing.  Due to the lower cost to get pierced (body piercing kits can be purchased to save money), combined with the fact that most body piercings are easily reversed (as opposed to tattoos), piercings are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of body art in practice today.

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