What are Your Rights as a Body Piercing Customer?

When you step into a body piercing establishment as a customer, you have definite rights as a customer that you should be aware of.  These rights and expectations of excellence include the following;

1.  To be pierced by a clean and sober piercer, in a clean and hygienic shop.

2.  To have sterile tools, equipment and appropriate body jewelry used in the procedure.

3.  To be pierced by a certified and health-department approved body piercer (with all documentation current and plainly visible).

4.  To be made aware of any and all risks of the procedure you are going to receive.

5.  To receive a second opinion prior to the procedure, if desired.

6.  To be informed of total cost involved and if that cost includes body jewelry and aftercare materials.

7.  To have all questions you may have answered to your satisfaction.

8.  To receive complete aftercare instructions as well as written aftercare instructions before you leave.

9.  To be treated with dignity and care before, during and after the procedure.

10.  To reserve the right to change your mind at any time.

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