Extreme Septum Stretching: Cool or Fool?

"He went that-a-way!"

In a startling example of extreme septum-stretching, this guy has shown this type of body modification is not just for looks, but that it allows for simultaneous nose-picking of both nostrils.  Either this guy is just finishing cleaning his nasal passages out, or he is trying to tell you which way a bank-robber went.

Extreme body modifications like this begin innocently enough with a standard septum piercing, then are stretched meticulously with larger sizes of body jewelry until attaining the size of hole shown here.  As with his overly stretched ear-lobes, a septum stretched to this size (about a half inch) will not go back to it’s original shape and (like those lobes) must be reconstructed surgically through plastic surgery, which begs the question; Cool or Fool?

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