Body Piercing Tools for Professionals

Disposable Ring Opening Pliers

Part of being a professional body piercer is using the proper body piercing tools for the job.  If you are performing a navel piercing, you should be using a pair of sponge forceps.  For a septum piercing, you should be using the forceps specifically designed for septum piercing.  A professional body piercer must have an array of tools available to suit the piercing requested.

Whether you use disposable pre-sterilized tools (shown), or you use metal tools that you autoclave, make sure you are purchasing the highest quality available to avoid breakage or malfunction during a piercing.  A tool that malfunctions during a piercing can not only be highly unpleasant for the client (not to mention the piercer) but possibly lead to extended bleeding and complications leading to injury to the client.  Only purchase tools and piercing supplies from trusted companies that stand behind their products with clear and affirmative return policies.

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