The Master Body Piercer

A master body piercer is a title given to someone that has dedicated their career toward perfecting the body piercing craft.  Another term some piercers have self-ordained (although it is not a recognized word yet) is Piercologist.  Although the majority of today’s experienced body piercers have their origins in tattooing, there is a new breed of body artist that does not come from a tattoo background at all, and is a piercing specialist only.

In the purest sense, body piercing is not an art form, as it does not require intrinsic artistic abilities, and because it can be learned and perfected through repetition.  What makes a body piercer a master is the subtle refinements of the universal techniques used in each procedure, as well as having the ability to instill trust in your competence with the client.  A master body piercer takes pride in not only doing the piercing correctly, but in satisfying their expectations, even after the piercing is done.

One thought on “The Master Body Piercer

  1. I love that there are people out there that understand that there is a difference between let me tattoo and bodypierce and airbrush. and let me perfect one craft, say piercing for 18 years. I agree after 10 years of doing something i think you can earn the title of master.

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