Should you purchase a body piercing kit?

Body piercing is a technique that is learned, not an artistic talent or endowment.  Although professional body piercers perfect their techniques over years of experience and practice, a successful body piercing can be performed with the proper materials and instructions.  The decision to purchase a body piercing kit for home piercing is becoming a more common occurrence.  Most people that purchase piercing kits have already had some experienced with body piercing.  Many times when a genital or nipple piercing is desired, people choose to self-pierce, rather than be subjected to the awkwardness of a stranger touching them.  For this reason, home piercing by couples is gaining momentum throughout the past few years and has become quite common.

Although it is not recommended for inexperienced amateurs to pierce nipples or genitals, the growing numbers of people ordering piercing kits demonstrates this phenomenon is not going away.  If you are determined to home pierce, make sure you purchase a kit that includes sterile tools, needles and body jewelry, as well as proper skin prep materials and aftercare instructions.  Ideally, find a kit that includes some type of video instruction so you can see examples of how the piercing is done.  Remember, if an infection develops or there are any complications or excessive bleeding during piercing, seek medical attention immediately!

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