The Freehand Mini Body Piercing Kit

In the body piercing industry, the term ‘freehand’ means to perform a body piercing without the use of forceps.  A freehand body piercing kit for a lip piercing, for example, would include a sterile body piercing needle, benazalkonium chloride pad, and a piece of sterile body jewelry.

A freehand body piercing kit (also known as a ‘mini’ body piercing ki’) can be purchased at a lower cost than a piercing kit that includes forceps.   Another benefit of freehand piercing is that it is faster and sometimes more comfortable for the client to be pierced without forceps.  However, by not clamping the tissue to be pierced, the risk of extended bleeding is increased, since clamps act as a tourniquet to reduce blood-flow to the area.  The other drawback to freehand piercing is the loss of stability and accuracy afforded by clamps.  Freehand body piercing should only be attempted by experienced and certified body piercers.

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