Navel Piercing

Navel piercing has become one of the most popular body piercings performed in the United States.  The navel piercing requires a sterile 14 gauge piercing needle, a pair of sponge forceps (slotted or un-slotted okay), skin disinfecting preparation pads (benzalkonium chloride preferred for it’s superior disinfecting abilities over alcohol swabs) and finally, a sterile 14 gauge curved barbell at least 1/2 inches in length (or more to allow for swelling during healing).  These materials can be found already sterilized in a comprehensive body piercing kit.

Although the materials needed for a proper navel piercing are standard, the techniques involved differ according to the body piercer’s own personal preference.  While many body piercers prefer the client lying completely flat during the piercing, it has been found that if there is any body fat in the abdominal area, lying flat will tend to distort stomach’s surface so that once pierced, and the client is standing erect, the piercing may be off balance.  Always keep in mind the physical dynamics of each client and always adapt your technique to the situation so that the piercing matches your client’s expectations.  Failure to do this may result in never seeing that customer again.

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