Body Piercing Parlors: Coming to a neighborhood near you?

Dedicated Body Piercing Shop

In the past, body piercing has been associated with tattooing.  This is because when the beginning of the body piercing boom began (in the early 90’s) the only places you could go to get a body piercing were tattoo parlors.  However, while some tattoo artists offer body piercing services, the two disciplines (tattooing and body piercing) are completely separate trades altogether.   And since a tattoo artist can make many times more money tattooing than piercing, the fact is most of them would rather tattoo a client than pierce them.

Recently there is  a new breed of body artist that is a body piercing specialist, who has devoted their time and energy to perfecting their craft to the point that they have mastered body piercing in all it’s variations.  There are now body piercers that work independently of tattoo shops and in some cases, have shops of their own dedicated solely to body piercing.  Because they do not require the space and staff of a tattoo parlor, they are able to offer their services at substantially lower prices than the tattoo shops.  In this case, a body piercing specialist that charges less for body piercing not only saves you money, but will give you a superior body piercing, since piercing is all they do.  If you are fortunate enough to have found a dedicated body piercing shop in your area, then you already know the difference in the quality of service, and the money you save by trusting a master body piercer to do what they do best.

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