The Frenum Piercing

The Frenum piercing is a male genital body piercing that involves a piercing made on the underside of the penis, almost always pierced in a perpendicular fashion to the shaft.  This piercing is named after the area that the piercing usually is placed, which is the actual frenum itself (the area that connects the head of the penis to the shaft).  Occasionally, frenum piercings can also be placed along the sides and length of the shaft (with multiple parallel frenum piercings placed in steps along the length of the shaft called a ‘ladder’).

A frenum piercing will take approximately two to six weeks to fully heal.  Because of the fast-healing and vascular nature of the penis, frenum piercings rarely reject outright, but are known to sometimes migrate.  Many frenum enthusiasts stretch their piercings into progressively larger gauges and wear large curved barbells or captive bead rings.  It it recommended to wait at least thirty to forty-five days after the initial piercing before stretching.  The frenum piercing is intended to provide sexual pleasure during intercourse for both the wearer and the recipient, or can be used as a type of chastity device in BDSM activities.

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