EZ-Glide Body Piercing System Reviewed

Ez-Glide Body Piercing System

The EZ-Glide Piercing System is a revolutionary new solution to one of body piercing’s oldest problems; how to create an uncomplicated and comfortable piercing experience for both piercer and client.  The problem in body piercing is that it takes a steady and experienced hand to complete a piercing without fumbling.  This occurs once the needle is through and it’s time to insert the body jewelry.  Some piercers ‘cheat’ by using larger gauge needles that allow them to place the jewelry inside the back opening of the needle.  But this method is not conducive to proper piercing technique, since you are creating a much larger hole than needed for the piercing, and increasing the chance of infection and longer healing times.

A new solution to this problem is the EZ-Glide Piercing System, now available exclusively pre-sterilized and pouched, ready for use in a professionally designed body piercing kit.  This new piercing innovation features a custom-designed tube that allows insertion of the needle and jewelry easily, providing a continuous piercing instrument similar to Catheter (UV) style needles.  As opposed to internally-threaded piercing needles that may have problems when it comes time to ‘unscrew’ them from the jewelry, the EZ Glide tubes pull off without turning, allowing for fast, accurate and mistake-free body piercing every time.

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