Signs you may have taken body piercing too far… (Part I)

The Top Signs you’ve gone too far… (Part I)

  1. Your pets no longer recognize you.
  2. Strangers cannot tell your gender.
  3. You constantly set off the anti-theft systems leaving stores
  4. You begin buying your body jewelry in bulk
  5. You can’t get a cab
  6. You develop an irrational fear of thunderstorms.
  7. You’ve run out of places to pierce.
  8. Guinness Book calls.
  9. Gloria Allred calls.
  10. You get a friend request from Jessie James.
  11. You are on monthly billing with your piercer.
  12. You are kept from boarding planes.
  13. A radio station begins emanating from somewhere within your face.

To be continued…

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