the titillating truth about nipple piercing

A nipple piercing is a body piercing usually centered near the base of the nipple and is pierced with either a 14g or 16g straight needle.  Usually a nipple piercing is done horizontally, but can also be vertical in position so that multiple piercings are possible, one on top of the other, allowing for more diversity in body jewelry options.  The nipple piercing is one of the most painful piercings to endure, and can take between a few months to over a year to fully heal.  What you should know before going into a piercing shop is that the second nipple pierced always hurts more than the first (some piercers will warn you about this, while many do not).  The reason for this is due to the body’s shock reflex and production of endorphins, that can cause increased sensitivity to the second nipple being pierced.  Because of the personal nature of this piercing, many people choose to purchase a body piercing kit and perform the piercing at home.

Thankfully, once a nipple piercing is healed it can add pleasurable sensations, either during sex or just moving about normally throughout the day.  Many people with pierced nipples report heightened sensitivity and pleasurable sensations from routine movement while in everyday situations.  Others report that piercing the nipples adds considerable pleasure while having sex, with some women claiming they can even achieve orgasm just from having their nipples manipulated.

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