Man Jailed For Bribing Tattoo Artist to Put Giant Penis on Man’s Back

  Hey, long time no post, huh?  This is your good friend Pokee here again.  I know it’s been a while since I chirped in and gave my ‘two cents’ worth, but I’ve been pretty busy lately trying to make the money to support my facial hair-style. Let’s skip forward now and get past all […]

Can You Really Teach Yourself To Pierce?

Even if you don’t mind being exploited like a sweat shop suzy and you decide to get an apprenticeship, you’ll still need to get your own starter body piercing kit so you’ll have the right equipment to do the job

An Open Letter To Tattoo Shop Owners: Don’t Be Hypocrites

“The old way of learning how to tat or pierce was that you would go under the wing (more like armpit if you ask me) of a shop artist who would teach you how to do it. What you mostly learned was how to clean up, take out trash, dispose of bloody needles and towels, etc. etc. If you were lucky, after about 6 months of this slave labor…”

What Real Men Think About Chicks That Body Pierce

“Even if the only piercing a chick has (ears don’t count unless they’re stretched) is a nostril piercing, that’s enough to tingle the love antennae of any real man within 100 miles…”

Has Body Piercing Gone Too Mainstream?

“The question is; does it comfort those of us that were into body piercing and modification from the beginning, or is it disturbing to know that so many people are piercing that it seems to have lost it’s ‘shock value’?”

How to handle a difficult customer: Part III (Not all money is good money)

“It seems like every day there’s someone coming into my shop asking me how much for a piercing and when I tell them my price they react as if I’d thrown a bucket of acid on them”

Dear Aliens: You forgot the nipples

Before I say anything about this topic, I just want to clear the record here and say that I do not have my nipples pierced.  That said, I can tell you that there are more than a few dudes out there that have pierced their nips and don’t seem to have any problem with telling […]